Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Let's Be Safe Out There

This morning, someone on Facebook warned drivers to have their car registration and inspection current if they were planning to enter the city by way of Route 9G and South Third Street. While officers may have been glancing at the stickers on the windshield, what they were really interested in was whether or not the adults in the car had fastened their seat belts and children were in their car seats.

Gossips has learned that today the Hudson Police Department and the New York State Police participated together in the "Buckle Up New York--Click It or Ticket" campaign, conducting a road check on South Third Street near the border with Greenport, as part of a statewide enforcement effort. 

The 2019 Buckle Up New York campaign runs for two weeks--from May 20 through June 2. The Hudson Police Department will be actively participating in the effort during this period. So whenever you get in the car, remember to buckle up.


  1. It's not harassment it's them looking out for the safety everyone in the vehicle.

  2. It's all about revenue. Look at the statistics when they do stops for DWI in the name of "safety". At least locally, I have read the articles that say how many tickets were issued, and how many were alcohol related, and it is usually around 2%. I'm all for safety, but too many things are done in the name of safety that are just BS. Go to court for almost any traffic infraction, and they quickly reduce it to non moving which makes people happy, but really it is so the municipality does not have to share the revenue with the state. Last time I was in Greenport town court for a minor traffic ticket, there must have been 65 people, all got reduced to the same thing, and they even lowered peoples fines if they paid in cash on the spot!