Thursday, May 16, 2019

Providing the Background

The Common Council has been passing a lot of resolutions lately in support of various initiatives before the state legislature. Three such resolutions were introduced at the informal meeting on Monday: a resolution calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign the Protect Our Courts Act (A2176/S425), which would protect people from civil arrest while in court or on the way to and from court (what is called for in the bill is already policy in the Hudson city court); a resolution supporting the Driver's License Access and Privacy Act (A3676/S1747), which would allow driver's licenses to be issued without regard to immigration status; and a resolution supporting universal health insurance coverage in New York State (A5248/S3577). 

Much of the supporting documentation presented with the universal health coverage resolution by Council president Tom DePietro addressed how much the city and the county would save if the New York Health Care Act were to be adopted. On Tuesday, the Albany Business Review published an article that provides background information on the bill and its history: "Single-payer health care proposal reaches furthest point yet in New York."      

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