Saturday, August 29, 2020

Art All Around

The ten-day public art event in Hudson known as The Hudson Eye began yesterday and continues through Labor Day. As part of the event, artwork is being exhibited throughout Hudson and beyond, including the first ever art installation on the Hudson River Skywalk.

Photo: Trixie's List
Aaron Levi Garvey, the event's curator for visual arts, called the installation of public art a "treasure hunt." You can come upon it while walking the dog (as Gossips has) or going to work or just being out and about in Hudson. But if you want to make your discovery less serendipitous and more intentional, there's a map showing the locations which can be downloaded here.

In addition to art installations, The Hudson Eye includes music and dance performances and "Hot Topic" Zoom discussions. To learn more about The Hudson Eye, visit the website or check out the coverage on Trixie's List.


  1. Launch Statement by Curator Aaron Levi Garvey
    The first half of 2020 has been one for the ages, likely the longest six months that many of us have experienced in our lives fraught with challenges, pivots, solitude, fears and anxieties. With that though we have seen a number of successes and bests; cities, states and countries have emerged stronger, more compassionate and more resilient than ever before. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we are able to stand by and stand up for one another in times of need as friends and community members.

    To that point, we are both humbled and proud to be presenting the Second Edition of The Hudson Eye. As we unveil a program that has been inspired by and accepted the challenges we were faced with, we have embarked on a mission to think outside the box of what it means to support artists, build community and present an equitable and dynamic contemporary arts program. From utilizing cable access channels to present contemporary art films directly into people's homes, to the first ever citywide public art initiative in Hudson featuring nearly 10 artists and modern and contemporary performance works within venues and sites that visitors can maintain social distancing while remaining engaged with the works being presented.

    Our team has worked tirelessly to build an equitable and diverse program that spans over 20 venues, features the works of nearly 30 artists and hosts over 30 panel speakers for our Hot Topics daily panel series. We are immensely proud of the program that we have put together and eager to share the fruits of our labors with you once again as we embark back into familiar territory of seeing one another in person.

    See you all very soon.
    Aaron Levi Garvey
    The Hudson Eye

  2. This is such a great program and comes at such a perfect time. Aaron Levi Garvey and Jonah Bokaer and their entire team deserve our praise and our thanks for giving this creative and thoughtful gift to Hudson. Bravo!

  3. The scope of the programming is impressive. Who can doubt its success - hopefully to become an annual event.

    I'm also tickled you didn't need $12,000 of local taxes to build a website. (Sorry, that's about someone else.)

    This is exciting. Congratulations, and good luck!

    1. To be fair, The Hudson Eye, which is now in its second year, did get $15,000 from the Tourism Board:

    2. Ohhh ... yikes. Thanks for clarifying.

      It gets clearer and clearer why I cannot afford to live here.

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  4. Many of the events/ideas/organizations that have received funding I don't believe merit it, but The Hudson Eye is an ideal recipient: an outdoor event allowing social distancing, artistic creations reflecting Hudson's spirit, open to all of the community and free. Well done!

  5. I just wanted to say thank you for your support, and for speaking positively about what a generous, open, accessible, and free / low cost annual event designed for local venues, local artists, and local audiences.

    We are quite blessed to have a local team (Aaron was born here), and immaculate financial management by Ryan Cummings, CFO / Deputy Director, formerly of the New Museum, whose use of funds is exemplary - and drives incredible impact where dollars and cents are concerned.

    We would like to thank our local Tourism Board, and also the Columbia County Economic Development, and all of you for helping to build a brighter and more equitable Hudson.

    Thank you again!

    Happy September ~