Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Seen Around Town

If you've missed seeing the sign protesting the gravel trucks and calling for environmental justice which stood for most of the summer in front of Alderman Shershah Mizan's house at the corner of Green Street and Fairview Avenue, it was not disappeared altogether.

It is now to be found at the intersection of Routes 66 and 23B, near the replica Statue of Liberty.



  1. Pretty sure a sign of that size, even on private property, is a code violation. Does Shersah have a permit for it? Funny, also, that it is now next to a sign that says NO POSTING SIGNS. The message is commendable, the means not so much. Ugly and out of scale for a residential neighborhood. More appropriate for a highway.

  2. Hope they had permission to erect that sign.it probaly needs a permit.

  3. Very odd that the sign identifies gravel trucks as the problem, when there is a massive number of other large trucks passing thru Hudson. And there is $100K set aside in state funding for the purpose of finding a solution to the truck issue. Almost seems that those behind the sign initiative are trying to help a particular industrial entity get permits for a new road.