Wednesday, January 27, 2021

COVID-19 Update

The Columbia County Department of Health has released its numbers for today. Since yesterday, there have been forty new cases of COVID-19. The CCDOH is reporting thirty fewer active cases today than yesterday, suggesting that seventy more people are now considered to be recovering. There are 28 fewer county residents in mandatory quarantine today than there were yesterday. The number of county residents hospitalized today is one fewer than yesterday, but the number in the ICU is one more. 

The New York Forward dashboard is reporting a positivity rate for Columbia County yesterday of 7.6 percent--the highest in the Capital Region--and a seven-day average of 7.4 percent--also the highest in the Capital Region. By comparison, the daily positivity rate for the Capital Region as a whole is 6.3 percent and the seven-day average is 6.2 percent.


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  3. Does anyone know why the County Health Department's "Vaccine information" page ( shows it's last "update" on 1/21? This is the 28th.

    1. They seem to have switched the page they use to provide vaccine information. Try this instead:

      Also, it appears that, although Matt Murell said they would be making 100 doses available this week to essential workers and 100 to people 65 and over, they never made any available to anyone other than essential workers. At least, they haven't done so yet.