Thursday, January 21, 2021

Getting There in Columbia County

What would it take to make living in Hudson less dependent on personal car ownership? The short answer would seem to be improving public transportation.

A new transportation survey from Assemblymember Didi Barrett's office, working in collaboration with The Spark of Hudson and Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood, is meant to gauge the success and challenges of the current public transportation system in Columbia County and to measure the need and willingness to test out technology that enables on-demand public transportation via an app. The goal of adopting the new technology would be to increase access geographically and improve the quality of service.

The survey can be found here. The more responses to the survey, the more accurate the assessment of the transportation needs will be.


  1. There is public transportation in Hudson? I had no idea, apparently it’s a very well-kept secret. I know that Hudson used to have trollies which is amazing, I would LOVE to see old photos of that! It seems to me that Hudson might be too small for any kind of mass transit system. I soon realized after I moved here that if you don’t have a car in Hudson you are completely stranded. I bought an old used car for the first time in 24 years.

  2. I live on Union, I see the unusual lines in the middle of the street, the old attempts to pave over the previous trolley lines.