Thursday, January 14, 2021

Info on Getting the COVID Vaccine

This morning, Robert Lagonia, who chairs the Board of Supervisors Health and Human Services Committee, posted this information on his Facebook page:
  • The county health department is doing COVID vacccines.
  • The vaccine at this point being used is Moderna.
  • The health department makes a request for vaccinations early part of the week and we don't know how many we are going to get. Sometimes much less than requested. Once we know for sure how many we received we open a pod and open a link on the Columbia county Health department website. If you are eligible and the pod is still open you can sign up. They book around 18 people every 15 minutes. Once those time slots are full it moves to another slot. Once the pod is filled the link is closed out.
  • At this point the Columbia Greene Community College has been the vaccine site.
  • At the site you will be supplied with a link/qr code that you can sign up for the second shot
  • Once given the shot you will be required to wait on site for between 15-20 minutes to make sure you have had no adverse reaction.
  • Please keep checking the CC health department website for pods and links that are open.
  • We will post them as soon as they open.
  • Given the limited supply at this point it will take weeks for everyone to get vaccinated
  • Please understand that the information is changing all of the time to us. As the information changes we will put up the newest information we have.   
There is a pod scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, January 15, but it has been filled for days.

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  1. For those who have sensitivities to allergins, getting vaccinated at the community college is little reassurance of proper care should a medical emergency arise. I have not seen this addressed by our health department on the county level or even the state level. This must be part of the discussion. The mandated 15 minutes wait time is useless without a treatment plan. The community college is not a health center. If anyone has had severe reactions, they know what I'm talking about. You need immediate medical emergency care. There have been about 30 known cases of anaphylaxis as of several days ago. I hope CC health department personnel are reading Carole's blog!