Thursday, January 7, 2021

Plans for the Plunge in 2021

If snow and frigid temperatures don't deter people from plunging into Oakdale Lake, neither does a pandemic! 

The following announcement was made yesterday:
The Oakdale Plunge returns with an icy cold splash on Saturday February 27th! 
This year we'll be playing it HUDSON SAFE. Small groups of intrepid plungers will jump into Oakdale Lake's frigid water in staggered shifts, maintaining social distance. Spectators will be unable to attend in person, but can still enjoy the show via live stream. Updated information on the schedule and live stream will be available at closer to the event.
Proceeds of this whacky fundraiser are evenly split, as they are each year, between the Hudson Fire Department Water Rescue and Dive Team and the Hudson Youth Department. The all-volunteer Rescue Team does the crucial job of saving people who get into trouble in the Hudson River, and will use their share to continue upgrading their aging safety equipment. The Youth Department provides free recreation, enriching activities and safe space for local kids and will use the funds raised to support their summer Waterfront Program, providing lifeguards seven days a week for community swimming at Oakdale Lake.
Last year, close to 100 swimmers braved the freezing waters of Oakdale Lake to raise over $30,000. Crazily costumed teams from local organizations and businesses supported the effort, including Avalanche Sponsors Columbia Memorial Hospital and Metzwood Insurance.
To make a splash as an individual or team, or to donate in support neighbors who may be braver than you, visit

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  1. It's no fun without the support of the crowd. Will not be supporting this event financially.