Monday, January 25, 2021

The Vaccine Confusion Continues

On January 14, we were told that all COVID vaccinations were being administered by the Columbia County Department of Health and the way to get a vaccination was to keep checking the CCDOH website for available appointments. In his COVID briefing today, Governor Andrew Cuomo explained how the state's weekly allocation was being divided among eligible groups: 21 percent to healthcare workers, 27 percent to essential workers, and 52 percent to people over 65.

Cuomo also explained that hospitals would be vaccinating healthcare workers, departments of health would be vaccinating essential workers, and people over 65 would vaccinated at pharmacies and at mass vaccination sites, the nearest for us being in Albany. This isn't the first time Cuomo has said this, but today, while Cuomo's briefing was still going on, Robert Lagonia, who chairs the Board of Supervisors Health and Human Services Committee, posted this on his Facebook page:
Anyone who is part of Group 1A which includes health care workers and workers at group homes should contact their employers.
Senior Citizens are encouraged to contact their pharmacies which have been charged by the Governor to administer the Vaccine. . . .
There is no indication if this is the official word that the Columbia County Department of Health will no longer be vaccinating anyone but essential workers, and no clue was provided about which pharmacies might be offering the vaccine to people over 65.

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