Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Real Estate News

Zillow reports today that the sale of 356 Union Street is now under contract. The asking price for the newly restored and renovated building, which contains five rental units, was $1.25 million. The current owner of the building is Galvan Initiatives Foundation.

Photo: Zillow
Appearing for the first time on Zillow today was 601 Union Street, the Terry-Gillette mansion.

Photo: Zillow
The house was built following a pattern by Richard Upjohn that was included in The Architecture of Country House, by A. J. Downing, originally published in 1850. Downing called the design "one of the most successful specimens of Italian design in the United States."

The house became the Hudson Elks Lodge in 1936 and remained that until 2003, when the Elks sold it for $600,000. The asking price is now $6 million. According to Zillow, "Property ideal for conversion to boutique hotel, air B and B, meeting house, banquet/catering gallery, office and/or single-family home." A single-family home is what the building started out as.


  1. I have been walking by 356 Union for years. They put a LOT of work into that place and as far as I can tell it looks great. Yet it STILL sits empty. It’s almost as though they never really intended to rent it out, they only wanted to resell it, THAT’s where the money is. I have the feeling that’s the case for many places in Hudson, there is a disconnect between renting out vacant apartments and profiting off of selling properties. Hmmm.

    1. It's an investor's dream here. Buy, sell, buy, sell, buy, by by affordable living.