Monday, January 11, 2021


For those veterans of the battle against the notorious "Greenport Project," not to mention more recent skirmishes against schemes to incinerate trash in nearby cement kilns, the irony is stunning. CNBC reported this morning that LaFargeHolcim is going green: "As priorities shift, world's largest cement firm inks $3.4 billion deal to focus on solar, green roofs."


  1. What a relief to learn of this newfound greenness considering the amount of property LaFargeHolcim owns between the City of Hudson and the Becraft mine.

    Naturally, Holcim (so green!) never again misrepresented itself after playing the City for fools in 2011. That was while the Common Council was amending the zoning to the company's specifications.

    Green? More like a load of nonsense.

  2. We’re so lucky to be environmentalist taking care of our little piece of earth. Thank you China for taking on all the unwanted and unacceptable items that we Americans would rather not have here. So wether the pollutants come from America or any other country the junk goes either in our planet or atmosphere. We always take the easy way out or just kick it down the road.

    1. Related: the great extent to which New York state government and its infrastructure rely on fracked gas from Pennsylvania is totally obscured by the fake purity of New York's most sanctimonious officials on this issue.

      Mine is not a comment about fracking, but about the evils of hypocrisy.