Saturday, January 23, 2021

Insight into COVID in Columbia County

Matt Murell, chair of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors, announced in a press release yesterday that the Columbia County Department of Health is currently vaccinating only people in the 1B category: essential frontline workers and people 65 and older. Those is the 1A category--that is, healthcare workers--must be vaccinated at Columbia Memorial Hospital. That raises the question of how many healthcare workers in Columbia County have not yet been vaccinated.

Yesterday, in his COVID-19 press briefing, Governor Andrew Cuomo reported that 70 percent of hospital workers in the Capital Region have been vaccinated. Statewide number is 67 percent. One wonders what percentage of workers at Columbia Memorial Hospital have been vaccinated.

Murell's press release also made the point that thirty-six, which is the number of county residents currently hospitalized with COVID-19, is the highest number of hospitalizations in the county since the beginning of the pandemic. It also revealed that two of the six people currently in the ICU are on ventilators. 

The press release also revealed that three of the five people who died of COVID-19 on Wednesday were nursing home residents. It also revealed that there are currently significant outbreaks at three county nursing homes: Ghent Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, The Grand at Barnwell (Did they learn nothing?), and Livingston Hills.

Regarding vaccinations, the press release reports that the Columbia County Department of Health administered a total of 507 vaccinations this week--107 on Thursday and 400 on Friday. The total number of vaccinations administered by the CCDOH is now 1,700. 


  1. Since I can never get into the CC Deptof Health website I'm wondering where they are doing vaccinations in Columbia County? Since I am 81 and compromised having had cancer treatment, and the Am I eligible site rarely has vacancies except in Binghamton or some such place I'm finding it difficult to know how to get a vaccination. I should think, as in England and Ireland one's Primary Care doctor would have control of it. My brother 85 is already vaccinated, and my girlfriend in London with a compromised kidney has also. And I should mention a friend aged 70 in Dallas Texas was called by his Doctor. I just don't understand what is going on.

    1. I put a link to the CCDOH website at the top of the right column.

      As I understand it, there are two problems. New York is not getting an adequate supply of the vaccine. There is a fair amount of evidence to suggest this may be a red state-blue state thing, and the experience of your friend in Texas supports that. Hopefully, with a new president, things will change, and New York won't be punished anymore.

      In Columbia County, the Department of Health is doing all the vaccinations for people in the 1B category, and how they are making the vaccine available has a kind of Hunger Games quality to it. At some unannounced time early in the week, CCDOH finds out how many doses it's getting and makes that many appointments available. The appointments fill up so quickly, it is completely a matter of luck if you happen to go to the website during that little window of time.

    2. Also over 75 being treated for cancer and can’t get the vaccine. I keep a spreadsheet with links to state site, county site, price chopper and pharmacy chains that might open up. Hit them all several times a day. Now have several friends who got the shot. I try to be happy for them. Grrrt