Tuesday, March 9, 2021

"Aggressive" COVID-19 Spread in Hudson

A press release from Matt Murell, chair of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors, announced that the county offices at 560 Warren Street will continue to be closed for ten more days, through March 19.
The offices of the Columbia County Clerk and the Columbia County Department of Motor Vehicles, located at 560 Warren Street, Hudson, will be closed through March 19 owing to a significant outbreak of COVID-19, said Columbia County Board of Supervisors Chairman Matt Murell on Tuesday. 
The closing of the office for the 10-day time frame, instituted in the effort to mitigate against further spread of the virus, corresponds with current CDC guidelines. 
Anyone who has conducted business with either the County Clerk’s office or county DMV from March 1 through 9 are advised by the Columbia County Department of Health to remain vigilant for symptoms of COVID-19 infection, and seek testing if they should appear. 
There are currently seven confirmed cases of the virus among the 23 staff--a 30 percent infection rate--who work in the two offices. 
“This is a significant exposure, not only in terms of numbers but of how quickly it got into the staff and how quickly it has spread,” said county Department of Health Director Jack Mabb. “This appears to be a very aggressive, particularly virulent form of the virus,” added Director Mabb. “Because of that, we have asked the state health department to look into the possibility this outbreak has been caused by the UK variant.” 
The county Health Department will be testing additional personnel from the two offices as the week progresses.


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  2. I was just in DMV, what do you expect? The placed was packed, long lines, people standing only a few feet apart. If you aren't going to take precautions, you are going to get infections.

  3. I did business w the Hudson DMV at 560 Warren many weeks ago.
    At the time of my visit I felt like a sardine in the can as there was no social distancing.
    While there I struck up a conversation with others and was surprised to hear that New York State residents were driving to the Hudson DMV from Buffalo to NYC and points in between. The reason is due to the fact that many NYS DMV offices were closed and/or had time limits do to COVID and that Gov. Cuomo enforced same.
    Is this a fact or fiction?
    I just do not understand the variety or lack of consistency by NYS regarding our pandemic regulations.
    The big box stores admit many hundreds of people each day into there stores with zero social distancing.
    Other stores in Columbia Cnty do not allow anyone in their shop as you must order from outside, wait in a line with a limit of customers allowed in at one time, etc.
    So what we have is a ball of confusion, a Tower of Babel and zero to very little leadership with disasters waiting to happen.
    I wish DMV employees a speedy recovery and trust our appointed directors and political officials enlightenment.
    God save the King.