Thursday, March 25, 2021

Another Truck Route Survey

The results of the truck route survey done at the end of last year, which was part of a larger truck study, were published more than a month ago. Those results can be found here. What the survey showed was something most Hudsonians knew: The residents of Hudson believe that trucks coming through our city, bound for someplace else, impact the city in a negative way. 

Photo: Bill Huston
Subsequent to the survey, twelve alternate truck routes that bypass the City of Hudson were considered, and of the twelve, five have been chosen for further consideration. 

Descriptions of those five routes can be found at A survey to gather public input on the alternate truck route options is found at the end of the document.


  1. I can't believe that any planner or DOT analyst thought routing large trucks down Fingar Road is doable or, at least, any better than Hudson's streets (except for the economic justice aspect). 9H to a new road the county should build from near the airport running west to 9. That's the simplest, least disruptive path I can see studying the maps.

  2. Thanks all you survey participants for creating an issue with your best solution is to pass it on to your neighboring communities. I bet you kids are the same ones that helped transport our all American polluting companies over to China too. Ooops, the world’s round and it don’t matter where the pollutants originate. Welcome to Hudson where the few people without common sense try to rule over us all.

    1. ooo yes thanks tom, really love to crack open your rarified analogies and taste the sweet 'wisdom from an old-timer'

    2. Thanks David but from now on just call me Yoda ok Darth