Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Of Interest

There's not much here that hasn't already been reported by Gossips, except that the deal was unanimously approved by the Hudson City School District Board of Education yesterday: "Affordable housing developer eyes John L. Edwards site."


  1. Just remember APPROVED does not mean it's a done deal with the developer. It still has to be voted on by the public. 3 million will not even put a dent into the overall school budget.

  2. QUESTION -- who is going to be employing all these people who will be living in "workforce" housing ?

    where exactly are all these jobs that the workforce will be employed by ?

    What is the wage rate ? where are the available jobs ?

    Hudson once upon a time had 10,000 jobs where people worked on 3 shifts.

    there was the pocket book factory, the matchbook factory, and all sorts of other employers.

    Where are they now ? and Who is going to provide the income for all these workers to feed their families ?

    Has anyone noticed that there are few jobs here, and that the only jobs are connected to the tourist industry ?

    Hudson's planners and bureaucrats are living in a fantasy world of sound bytes that are not meaningful to the reality of life today.

    Where are the jobs and the real world of paying the bills? or

    Are we going to rely on Andrew Yang to give us the crumbs off the table for UBI -universal basic income ?

    And where exactly does that get anyone ? To the poorhouse ?