Monday, March 22, 2021

Ear to the Ground

The agenda for tomorrow night's Hudson City School District Board of Education meeting was now been published, and Gossips can reveal the name of the developer seeking to acquire the former John L. Edwards school building for the purpose of developing affordable housing: Adirondack Community Development, LLC. 
When you Google Adirondack Community Development, LLC, the first thing that pops up is not the website but the group's LinkedIn profile, which offers this description:
Adirondack is focused on working together with local community partners to help solve our nation's affordable housing crisis and specializes in the development of high-quality affordable and workforce housing on a nationwide basis.
The partners of Adirondack understand that only through an investment in its staff, residents, partners and communities can it ultimately achieve its goals to create a first class organization and a lasting development platform for success.
Through a focus on innovation, training, education, career development and empowerment programs, Adirondack promotes the advancement of people throughout its organizations and neighborhoods--because only by precipitating achievement for everyone will we all experience prosperity together.
Despite its name, Adirondack Community Development is headquartered in New York City, on the 33rd floor of 15oo Broadway, and it is registered as an LLC in Delaware.


  1. Shell corporation for the Mayfair Management Group in Ft Lauderdale Florida so they can do business in NYS.

  2. Well lookout Hudson ‘cause here we go again. Could it be another Medicine Man Show? Hitch up the wagon Annie, we’re going for a ride.

  3. The vultures are circling over Hudson.

    1. Vultures how? They might be bad, sure, but we should probably give them a fair and thorough shake before we commit to hating them.

      Local politicians haven't even had a chance to give them a fair and thorough shakedown for donations to their non-profit yet.

      The revolution must be funded.

  4. The Hudson Terrace apartments are owned by a company in Maine. So what.

  5. This is the website for Mayfair Management Why is this necessarily a bad company? Isn't competition for Galvan a good thing for Hudson? Is there some information about this business that someone has which reveals some problems ? We already know Galvan's predatory history so what about this developer? If anyone has research on this company please tell us.