Monday, March 1, 2021

Pop-Up Vaccination Clinic in Hudson

A press release today from Matt Murell, chair of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors, contained this information:
On Saturday, March 6, New York State has scheduled a pop-up vaccination clinic designed for the minority and underserved community. These individuals may not be aware of their vaccine options or have no way of traveling to a vaccine site, said clinic organizer Bill Hughes.
Community leaders are calling individuals from lists such sources as the 1199 census tract, which identifies Hudson's 2nd Ward and part of the 4th Ward as the poorer locations in the city, Hughes explained. The pop-up clinic is open to those 65 and over. Those who wish to participate are advised to contact their county supervisor or Bill Hughes.
"Our intention is to saturate the 2nd Ward with calls, then move on to the 4th. You don't want people not getting the shot because they don't know about it," said Hughes.
"Covid impacted communities of color at a much higher rate, and it exposed the inequalities that have existed in our nation's health care system for decades," said Governor Andrew Cuomo. "From day one we have made the fair and equitable distribution of the vaccine a top priority, but two issues still exist, especially in our Black and Brown communities: accessibility and skepticism. These pop-up sites allow us to work with the local leaders and trusted voices in those communities that were hit the hardest by Covid."
This is a New York State-sponsored event, supported by Columbia County and the City of Hudson, New York State is providing the vaccine doses out of its supply, not as part of Columbia County's regular allotment.
Initially, when Hughes realized this need was not being met locally, he reached out to the governor's office, which said the state could do it. After researching several locations, the Hudson Firehouse at 77 North 7th Street was approved by Mayor Kamal Johnson as the clinic site--the City of Hudson will also provide the necessary workers. At the same time, it was determined that the Columbia County Department of Health would provide the vaccinators. The county Office for the Aging will provide transportation, with buses to be stationed in front of Hudson Terrace and Bliss Towers.
"This is a total nonpartisan effort," said Hughes. "This virus doesn't care about anyone's politics. I thank Chairman Murell, Mayor Johnson, and everyone else who has had a hand in making this happen."
The press release did not provide contact information for the supervisors, so Gossips will:  
Bill Hughes, who was Fourth Ward supervisor until 2018, can be contacted by email here.

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  1. Thank you so much Bill Hughes and everyone else involved in making this happen.