Thursday, November 4, 2021

A Reminder

You have until Saturday, November 6, to complete the parking survey. Click here to access the survey.


  1. Is that the silly 18 thousand dollar parking survey? Oh, no, it only cost us $17,500! And what will be done with the results? NOTHING!

  2. My understanding is that this is a Parking Survey that the Tourism Board is conducting to include in the RFP they will be issuing to firms interested in conducting the actual "Parking Study."

    In that way, it has the potential to provide meaningful context to anyone the City seeks to engage.

    1. So $17,500.00 in tax dollars is being spent on a "parking survey," that will then be given to someone who will be paid more tax $ to do a "parking study." This blows my mind. Anyone who has a car and parks on the street can tell you what it's like to park in Hudson, for free, all you have to do is ask.

      This is Hudson's dysfunctional govt. in action. Instead of paying a few thousand to demolish the old Furgary shacks and take them to the dump, they will pay someone $15,000 to study what to do with the shacks, who will tell them to take them to the dump.

    2. The $17,500 allocated by the Tourism Board was for a parking study not for the survey.