Friday, November 19, 2021

Meeting Reminder

Today at 5:00 p.m., the three companies that responded to the RFEI (request for expressions of interest) for developing a solar farm on City-owned land near North Second Street. Instead of the parcels designated by the Conservation Advisory Council, all three companiesBQ Energy DevelopmentNexamp, and AC Power LLCare eyeing the capped landfill as the site for solar arrays. Click here to join the Zoom meeting.


  1. It was really odd that, as far as I could tell, no one from the County was in attendance at this meeting. No one from the County spoke. Why is the city doing the work for them? At the very least, one would expect the head of the Public Works Committee, Supervisor Ron Knott, to have been there and contributed something. This County-owned former landfill is regularly discussed at the monthly County Public Works meetings when Jolene Race, the head of the Solid Waste Dept, gives her report.
    3 solar companies present their plans for a county-owned property located in Hudson to the Hudson Common Council on a Friday evening with no questions or comments from anyone but cc members. What is wrong with this picture? B Huston

  2. People don't pay attention and some people don't like Zoom. (me at least). Most are oblivious as to what really goes on in Hudson unfortunately. Others (like me) are discouraged that letters written in protest are not acknowledged, for instance, the IDA and Planning Board just passed several very controversial applications which as far as I'm concerned were protested. I'm truly sorry if the landfill goes the same way. Hudson is again changing and not for the better. Or at least, we shall see, it is like a Phoenix.

  3. Michael Chameides was in attendance at last night's solar farm meeting. I didn't hear him speak up, though maybe I missed it. Maybe he was just there as a curious Hudson resident. Anyway, it would be nice if someone from the county would clarify if the county is planning on selling the old dump to the city or considering solar on the dump themselves. As I understand it, they have no interest in either.
    Instead we get a two hour city meeting with presentations from 3 solar companies only interested in a solar farm on the county-owned dump. A dump surrounded with NO TRESPASSING signs put up by THE COUNTY! B Huston

  4. Would last night's meeting have been any different in nature if, for whatever reason, the Common Council had, after putting out an RFP, been presented with proposals from demolition companies hoping to raze a County building in the City of Hudson, say, 610 State Street? I think not. Because the County, if they were paying attention, would say to Tom Depietro: "What on earth are you trying to do with OUR PROPERTY? Why have you not informed us of your intentions or included us in the discussions?" Wouldn't it be grand if the County sued the City? B Huston