Tuesday, November 2, 2021

It Isn't Over Until It's Over

Liz Yorck, director of the Youth Department, issued this notice today. Gossips found it on the City of Hudson website.
I am sorry to have to inform you that the Department of Youth after school program will need to be closed until further notice. We have a staff member who tested positive for COVID, and since the health of safety of our community is our number one priority, we have made the decision to close the facility for the mandatory quarantine time to minimize the risk of exposure.
We have reached out to any families whose child may have been exposed to the staff member directly, and the Department of Health will be conducting their own contact tracing and reaching out individually to anybody that may need more information.
It is our hope to reopen on Monday, November 15. By then we hope that our staff and the families we serve will have had the time to invest in their health to ensure that we are opening back up in a safe and responsible way. . . .
The entire announcement can be found here.


  1. Is there any requirement for city workers to be fully vaccinated? Police officers? All 30 DPW workers and office staff? Mayor, Cc President, clerk's office, everyone else? BHuston

  2. Halloween was such an interesting dichotomy, so many businesses with vaccination requirements and others with crowds partying, no masks in sight….. We’re never going to get past this as long as so many resist taking the needed precautions to crush this.