Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Midday on Election Day

This year's election in Hudson doesn't exactly have everyone in the edge of their seats in anticipation, but in the final hours (the polls opened at 6:00 a.m. this morning and will remain open until 9:00 p.m. tonight), there seems to be more interest in city offices than there was back in March when this whole process began. For those who haven't voted yet, here's an update of what's happening in the City of Hudson.

Incumbent mayor Kamal Johnson is running unopposed on the ballot, appearing both on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines. There is, however, a movement afoot to write in former Council president Don Moore for the office of mayor.

Common Council President
Incumbent Council president Tom DePietro is running unopposed on the ballot, appearing both on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines. There is some talk of an effort to write in former Third Ward alderman John Friedman for the position of Council president.

Incumbent treasurer Heather Campbell appears on the Democratic line and her own Heather4Hudson line. Campbell was challenged in the Democratic primary by Michael Hofmann, who now serves as mayoral aide. Campbell was the clear winner in the primary, but Hofmann's name still appears on the ballot on the Working Families Party line.

Housing activist Claire Cousin is running unopposed for this position, on the Democratic and Working Families Party line.

In the First Ward, there are four candidates vying for two seats--two on the ballot, two as write-ins. Only two candidates submitted petitions in March: Gary Purnhagen and Art Frick, both Democrats. In July, Purnhagen announced he had a work conflict and was not running. In his statement at the time, he urged "someone else to step up and declare yourself a write-in candidate." In late September, Margaret Morris declared her write-in candidacy and has been campaigning steadfastly ever since. On October 14, Purnhagen announced he was back in the race. On that same day, Jeffrey Binder announced he was launching a write-in campaign. Of the four candidates, Morris seems to be the only one genuinely invested in this campaign and genuinely committed to serving the First Ward.

Incumbent Abdus Miah was challenged in the Democratic primary by Tiffany Garriga, Second Ward alderman and Council majority leader. Garriga was soundly defeated in the primary, but her name remains on the ballot on the Working Families Party line.  

Dewan Sarowar and Mohammed Rony were the winners of a three-way race in the Democratic primary. They are being challenged in the general election by Republican Lee Bradshaw.

Incumbent Michael Chameides is running unopposed for this office.

The names of former Third Ward alderman Calvin Lewis and current Third Ward alderman Ryan Wallace appear on the ballot. Lewis cannot take office should we win, because he is now employed by the City of Hudson at the Youth Department. Wallace was appointed to fill Lewis's seat on the Council when Lewis resigned in July. There are two write-in candidates for alderman in the Third Ward: Shershah Mizan, who apparently decided not to run in March and then changed his mind in October; and Amber Harris, who announced her candidacy on October 14 and has been actively campaigning.

There are no contests in the Fourth Ward. Incumbent Linda Mussmann is running unopposed for Fourth Ward supervisor, and incumbent Malachi Walker and newcomer Theo Anthony are running unopposed for the two alderman seats on the Common Council.

Incumbent Richard Scalera is running unopposed for this position.

The winners of the Democratic primary, Dominic Merante and Vicky Daskaloudi appear on the ballot on the Democratic line. Rebecca Borrer lost in the Democratic primary, but her name remains on the ballot on the Working Families Party line.


  1. Heather Campbell has done an exemplary job as treasurer- in fact she seems to be the only citywide elected official who understands their job.

    Pandering isn't leadership, and from their perennial overspending, cronyism (the Tourism Board is a prime example), and the incompetence or corruption that keeps Cheryl Roberts as City attorney (we haven't even discussed her role on Police Reform, acting simultaneously as City Attorney and Director of the Greenberger Center), Kamal Johnson and Tom DePietro have shown they are the wrong people for the positions they hold.

    Please write-in Don Moore for Mayor and John Friedman for Common Council President, and help send the message that the Hudson community wants a government that works for its residents.

  2. Voted in the first ward this morning! Happily wrote in Margaret Morris for Alder. The polling location (St Mary’s) was pretty slow, about the same as the primaries. I wonder how long it will take for results since there are so many write-in candidates. I don’t mind waiting since I hope that there are a lot of write-ins this year, if you catch my drift.

    1. Thanks Union Jack
      I appreciate your support

    2. I wonder where we will be able to see the local results the soonest?

    3. All we will know tonight is the number of votes for candidates on the ballot. It could be days before we know the write-in counts, which is what interests many of us.

  3. As to the Common Council Races, Margaret Morris (write-in) and Gary Purnhagen have been active community members for years. Margaret is a sharp, independent thinker with a spine, and Gary contributed to the community by taking on the arduous task of cleaning up the mess the Tourism Board made of Warren Street when the Shared Streets program collided with reality (and numerous vehicles.)

    Amber Harris is a bright young star who grew up in Hudson, and understands this City better than almost anyone, and Ryan Wallace has stepped up to the plate in his first few months as alderperson.

    Dominic Merante has for years been a vocal advocate for his constituents, often standing up to do the right thing when nobody else was brave enough to do so, and Vicki Daskaloudi brings a wealth of experience as a small business owner and parent who has made an effort to reach out and listen to her constituency.

    The current Common Council has been stymied by a myopic agenda and a lack of leadership. Let's make sure the next Council has the experience and expertise it needs to move Hudson forward.