Sunday, November 14, 2021

Considering the Most Recent Election

On November 5, three days after the 2021 election, Gotham Gazette reported that voter turnout in New York City was just under 20 percent. Here in Hudson, we did a bit better than that. According to statistics provided by the Columbia County Board of Elections, there are 4,502 registered voters in Hudson, and 1,353 ballots were cast, giving Hudson a voter turnout of 30.05 percent. Some wards did better than that. In the Fifth Ward, it was 38.28 percent; in the First Ward, it was 33.6 percent. Some wards did worst. In the Third Ward, it was 29.35 percent; in the Second Ward, 26.32 percent; in the Fourth Ward, 21.46 percent. It is interesting that the Fourth Ward, where everyone seeking a city office was running unopposed, had the city's lowest voter turnout.

Of interest, too, is that of the 1,353 voters who cast ballots, 278 didn't bother to vote in the mayoral race, and 334 didn't vote in the Council president race--either voting for the candidate on the ballot or writing someone in. By comparison, in the race for city treasurer, only 177 voters skipped over that column.

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  1. I think the lack of voters for Mayor and President of the Common Council shows dissatisfaction. Plus not enough knowledge for write ins. Lot of unhappy consituents.