Tuesday, November 16, 2021

An Apparent Attempt to Run Away Foiled

For everyone who saw the notices on Facebook last night that two Hudson High School students were missing, here's the follow-up story as told in a press release from the Hudson Police Department.
On Monday, November 15, 2021 at 5:15 p.m., a Hudson woman reported to HPD that her 15 year old son had not arrived home from school and she was concerned. Shortly thereafter the Columbia County Sheriff began investigating a report from a Greenport woman that her 16 year old daughter had not come home from school either. Both juveniles are students at Hudson High School.
Police agencies responded and coordinated the investigation. Hudson High SRO Deputy Zach Sahotra began a search of the school grounds. The Deputy was able to locate video that showed the two students, together, exiting the school property west toward a wooded area. HPD officers and Detectives joined State Trooper Justin Bell and Troop K bloodhound Tilly to search the area and trails behind the school. Patrols from HPD, Greenport PD, Columbia County Sheriff’s office, and NY State Troopers continued to check stores, public buildings, abandoned buildings and trails throughout the night. Temperatures dipped down to 28 degrees.
At daybreak Tuesday, November 16, 2021, HPD established a command center at their station and initiated various strategies to locate the young people. Detectives checked cell phone information, while patrols conducted interviews and tried to develop leads. Information was put out statewide via the police information network as well as social media. Teams were established to check all possible locations.
One team made up of Chief Ed Moore and Sgt Nick Hodges was assigned to check along the river north of the city. At around 9:25 a.m., about two miles north of Hudson, the youths were spotted in a wooded area next to the railroad tracks. After a brief pursuit on foot, the youths were taken into protective custody by the officers. They were brought back to an awaiting ambulance from the Greenport Rescue Squad where they [were] brought to Columbia Memorial Hospital and evaluated. They were later released to their parents.
“Despite frigid temperatures and strong wind they were in pretty good shape. They had one thin blanket and a small amount of food with them. After spending the night in some woods adjacent the tracks, they had plans to leave the area. What’s really encouraging was the outpouring of support and information sharing on social media. While young people may get lost and forgotten in a big city, our community banded together to demonstrate that we care, and together we are going to locate these kids.” Chief

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