Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Unofficial Election Night Results

The unofficial election night results are now available here. The write-ins have yet to be counted.

In the races of greatest interest, Heather Campbell defeated Michael Hofmann 935 to 241 to remain the city treasurer.

In the race for First Ward alderman, Art Frick has 163 votes, Gary Purnhagen has 137, and there are 187 write-ins. 

In the race for Third Ward alderman, Calvin Lewis has 131 votes, Ryan Wallace has 170, and there are 118 write-ins.

In the race for Fifth Ward alderman, Vicky Daskaloudi has 258 votes, Dominic Merante has 230, and Rebecca Borrer has 67.

The absentee ballots, as well as the write-ins, have yet to be counted.

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  1. At least the Columbia County Sheriff’s race is looking good.