Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Meetings Updates

There are two meetings taking place later today: the Conservation Advisory Council at 5:00 p.m. and the Planning Board at 6:00 p.m.

As it turns out, today's meeting is not a special meeting of the Conservation Advisory Council. It is its regular monthly meeting rescheduled. The link to the Zoom meeting was not published last week, and, as a consequence, the meeting was canceled and rescheduled for today. The agenda for the meeting lists an enormous number of topics. Of greatest interest may be a report from David Konigsberg on the RFEI for the solar farm being pursued by a Common Council ad hoc committee and a report about a low maintenance ground cover as a possible alternative to grass in the cemetery. Click here to join the Zoom meeting. 

When the special Planning Board meeting scheduled for last Thursday was canceled, it was said that the Colarusso issue, the subject of the special meeting, would be taken up at the board's regular monthly meeting, which is tonight. The agenda for tonight's meeting is now available (click here), but Colarusso is not on the agenda. Click here is join the Zoom meeting.


  1. Yesterday I had a pleasant conversation with a Colarusso worker who shared the scuttlebutt that the City is suing Colarusso.

    Well, not quite. Interesting, though, to catch the drift of rumors from within the company.

    1. What is the City suing them for? Are we going to attempt to recover Cheryl Roberts's attorney fees, since she was apparently working for them while representing Hudson?