Monday, November 8, 2021

Hudson in Song

For a little diversion, watch and listen to "The Hudson Song," written and performed by Mark Allen. Where Hudson ends and Greenport begins goes unacknowledged, but I guess it's all part of the Hudson experience. To see for yourself, click here.


  1. This was excellence in action. Nice work.

  2. Well, I was expecting something else I suppose. Instead of poking fun, I expected a tribute to Hudson’s beauty. Instead of showing the abandoned and neglected, I expected a celebration of the unexpected, the hidden pockets of beauty. And creativity. After seeing the Catskills
    against the intense coral sky last evening, and feeling as I do every
    day, what a beautiful place we live in…I wouldn’t call this A SONG of Hudson but a funny tongue-in-cheek … hmmm…what shall we say?

    1. Still working on that sense of humor I see.

      Not Peter Meyer

  3. I wouldnt say that this is typical of the Hudsonites i know, with this outpouring of Love and Good Feelings -- everyone i know is snarky and has an attitude.

  4. Mark Allen is the funniest man in Hudson, but apparently he's gone over to the dark side. I suspect he's been paid off by a local realtors' syndicate. And great product placement for Colarusso's trucks! Geez, just when I thought we were making a difference. Lastly, nice job revealing my spider hole at the back of the Kaz warehouse. Now where will I go to get my asbestos fix?

    As for spiritual forebears, Mr. Allen was wrong not to acknowledge Bill Murray as "Nick the Lounge Singer," the origin of every sketch that gives life meaning in the 21st century.

    Everyone knows it's Star Wars forever, baby.

  5. Good effort, but he forgot the fuggery shacks, the missing concrete in front of city hall, the street sweeper, the rusty and unreadable girl's volleyball team 1982 champions sign on 9G, the ubiquitous litter and trash in the alleys, the ancient and often unreadable or broken parking meters, the often overflowing trash cans on Warren that are emptied every other day, the potholes and broken asphalt on 3rd at Allen, the black police cruisers... If I only had my own video camera!

  6. It's very gratifying to know that I'm not the only person who can't get his credit card to work in the trash bag vending machine in front of City Hall.

  7. Goodness, what a musical crap-tacular that was! I guess Jonathan and Darlene weren’t available.

  8. It's not Randy Rainbow but pretty good....and the grinding truck gears at the end is a perfect touch.