Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Hyperlocal and Incomplete Election News

Below is the machine tape which shows the results from today's voting in the First and Second wards. It does not include the results from nine days of early voting, nor does it indicate how many of the 131 write-in votes for First Ward alderman went to Margaret Morris and how many went to Jeff Binder.

In the Second Ward, the results from today's voting seem much more conclusive. It appears that Abdus Miah has survived the challenge from Tiffany Garriga and will remain the supervisor representing the Second Ward on the Columbia County Board of Supervisors. It also appears that the two Democrats on the ballot, Dewan Sarowar and Mohammed Rony, have soundly defeated the Republican candidate, Lee Bradshaw. It would seem that, for the first time in as long as most people can remember, there will be no African Americans representing the Second Ward on the Common Council or the Board of Supervisors.


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    1. Took me a second, but worth a hearty chuckle.

  2. Looks like Margaret Morris might have gotten more write-in votes than either of the guys who had the Democratic line, ha!