Tuesday, May 10, 2022

WSSU Update

Last night, at the informal Common Council meeting, Councilmember Ryan Wallace (Third Ward), who chairs the Tourism & Events Committee, outlined the recommendations to be made by the committee regarding the use of parking spaces for outdoor dining, also known as Warren Street Shared Usage (WSSU). The recommendation will be made to Mayor Kamal Johnson, who will make the final decisions.

Photo: JD Urban | HBCi
  • Only available to establishments that do not have outdoor dining
  • Includes restaurants, cafes, and juice bars--does not include retail or food trucks
    • restaurants that do not have outdoor space are allowed up to two spots and must pay parking revenue for both
    • cafes and juice bars only get one spot and must also pay for lost parking revenue
  • These types of establishments located off Warren Street are also included
  • There must be at least one designated ADA compliant table
  • It is mandatory that tables be cleared no later than 10:00 p.m. nightly, out of respect for neighbors
  • Program runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • We recommend a three strikes rule, pulling participation from a business if HPD receives three viable complaints about noise
  • Also, if there is a code complaint during this time, the permit and barriers are revoked
These are the recommendations being made to the mayor. How the program will actually be structured is up to him.

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