Sunday, May 15, 2022

Mark Your Calendars, HBBs*

A reunion is being planned for Hudsonians who graduated from high school--St. Mary's and Hudson High--in 1965. A meeting to plan the reunion recently took place in a vintage '60s Mustang parked on the grounds of Montgomery C. Smith Elementary School, which was Hudson High School back in the day. 

(Left to right): John Cody, Cathy Gallo, Lucille Canape Whelan, Edith Dinehart, John Pollack   Photo: Lance Wheeler
The reunion, which is being called, with obvious homage to the Beatles, "Yesterday, Once More," is scheduled for August 20, 2022, at Kozel's Restaurant in West Ghent. Those with questions, or answers, are asked to contact John Pollack at 518 828-7527 or Bart Delaney at 518 965-1093.  

* HBB stands for "Hudson By Birth," although you needn't have been born here to have graduated from high school here.


  1. "Yesterday, Once More" is a song by the Carpenters. "Yesterday" was by the Beatles.

  2. Yeah, this has been pointed out to me, but there is no comma (at least none I could find) in the title of the Carpenters' song "Yesterday Once More," and besides that song wasn't released until 1973. "Yesterday," the Beatles' song, was on the album "Help!" which was released in 1965. So you can see why I thought the reference was to the Beatles song. If you are John Cody or John Pollack, I stand corrected.