Monday, May 9, 2022

Life in This, Our Town

In his report to the Common Council tonight, Rob Perry, superintendent of Public Works, shared this story, which Gossips thinks deserves a larger audience. 

This past Sunday, Perry witnessed something quite bizarre and snapped a picture to document it. 

Every car parked on the east side of Seventh Street, along the west side of the park, was parked headed in the wrong direction.

While Perry watched, a man driving a car with a Massachusetts plate struggled to parallel park and add his car to the row. Perry asked why he was parking his car in the wrong direction. The man informed him that it was a one-way street. When Perry told him it was not, the man ignored him and continued parking the car.


  1. I have seen this happening on Short Street quite often. This is concerning when drivers not familiar with the street turn onto Short St. from State St. an face cars parked on both sides facing them. The first thought is that it's a one way street. This has happened more frequently since the daycare/preschool opened in the library basement with the entrance on Short St. Also a problem twice a day when Short Street is blocked off for a half hour for unloading & loading of the buses & vans. Cars are with backing out onto State St. that don't want to wait. I thought the original plans were for the buses & vans to use the alley and drop off on the corner of Short St..

    1. The city allowing the day care there without any spaces along the curb for buses vans etc was dumb. Short should be turned into one way northbound. Doing so will not inconvenience anyone trying to reach State and will remove the dangerous turn from Short onto State where there have been accidents. Not enough attention paid to traffic safety in Hudson, City Hall to blame. Accidents, agressive reckless drivers and wrong way parking just seem to be accepted as the norm at City Hall.

  2. My wife and eye witnessed this same situation a few weeks back although at that time it was only 2 or 3 cars. Since it was a Sunday I could not inform one of the parking enforcement staff. Just curious if HPD was notified in this situation so all could be ticketed ?

  3. Far from the first time that's happened, and may point the need to more clear signage for drivers.

  4. Generally speaking, automobile insurance will not cover damage caused by or occuring while a car is parked in the wrong direction viz. prevailing traffic. It's also not permitted in the City Code if I'm not mistaken. Of course, no one actually enforces any parking laws except not feeding the meter so . . ..