Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Can Beer Be Far Behind?

Last night, at a special meeting, the Planning Board reviewed the latest site plan for Phase 1 of the Depot District project: the renovated Hudson Upper Depot. 

Walter Chatham, speaking for the Galvan Foundation, maintained that only substantial change from the site plan approved previously was that there is no longer a curb cut on State Street. What got the most attention from the Planning Board, though, were the movable planters that were rolled into place yesterday. The planters which are positioned along the railings on the east side of the depot are meant to be a barrier between patrons and the railroad tracks. Planning Board member Larry Bowne asked, "What's to stop people from removing or moving the planters?" Victoria Polidoro, legal counsel to the Planning Board, suggested they add to the resolution approving the site plan "something that indicates the planters must remain in place during hours of operation." That settled, the Planning Board unanimously granted site plan approval to Phase 1.

Today, a small army of workers was busy painting the railings. 

Whether the gray substance being applied is a primer or paint is not known. The historic depot constructed in 1871 on the Hudson & Berkshire Railroad, the first railroad in Hudson, established in 1838, is to be the location of Upper Depot Brewing Co.


  1. The Galvan Gang's empire and annexation of Hudson begins! We are in for a real treat!

  2. Why didn't they use cement blocks?

  3. Ugh! Please, no more grey! It is so ubiquitous now, and so depressing. Make it go away!

  4. What a positive transformation of what had been a derelict and vacant space into what will hopefully be a thriving small new business that creates jobs and opportunities for the community.

    The amount of work and investment that went into that space is impressive and in my view should be celebrated regardless of what color they may choose to paint their own railings.

  5. How about The Kinks take ?

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