Friday, May 6, 2022

It Isn't Over Yet

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) updated its data yesterday, as it does every Thursday. There has been no word about it from the Columbia County Department of Health, but the CDC is reporting the risk of COVID-19 in Columbia County is now considered HIGH.

That little red patch on the map above is us. It would seem it is time to put those masks back on when you are indoors with other people.

Click here to check out the CDC site for yourself.


  1. The County and the CCHealth Dept are at least on top of these numbers. Why people aren't paying attention is beyond me. Even those who are vaccinated and boosted. I've heard of acquantainces who know of people who have been twice vaccinated and twice boosted coming down with Covid, and one who has had it twice, worse the second time. So I'm wearing a mask, and have been.

  2. Wait, I thought Fauci said the pandemic was over???