Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Hudson Results in the School Vote

This is how the people of Hudson (those who showed up) voted in today's school district election. The votes cast in person and absentee ballots are included.

Board of Education

Willette Jones                 160
Lakia Walker                   152
Kjirsten Gustavson          146
Mark DePace                  144
Calvin Lewis                    136
Ọṣun Zotique                   112


Yes                         128
No                            87

These are the results only from Hudson, where it appears only 215 people voted, and not the other two voting districts.


  1. This turnout is pathetic. Hudson should be ashamed of itself. Schools are important, and this district performs horribly. Hudson's kids deserve better than this.

  2. I have seen apathy before.....but only 128 yes votes for the budget......and it passes?!?! You get what your lazy attitude brings you Hudson.

  3. When I voted in Hudson, around 18:30 yesterday, the ballot scanning machine indicated that 260 votes had been cast.

    1. Interesting. I made the assumption that the number of votes cast on the budget issue was a fairly accurate estimate of the total votes, but it seems nearly 20 percent of the voters in Hudson voted for their favorite school board candidates and didn't bother with the budget vote.

    2. I wonder if the fact that the budget question was on the back of the ballot had anything to do with that? Frustrating, in any case!

  4. It could be the fact that the school board can approve a budget whether it passes or not.