Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breaking News

Gossips just learned that Galvan Partners has withdrawn their application for a certificate of appropriateness to move the Robert Taylor House, and the public hearing, which was announced only this morning, has been cancelled. 

It will be remembered that the Historic Preservation Commission denied a certificate of appropriateness to the project in June.  In July, Galvan Partners appealed the HPC's decision to the Common Council. In early September, Galvan withdrew the appeal, and on September 14, Ward Hamilton, on behalf of Galvan Partners, presented a new application to the HPC for a certificate of appropriateness to move the house. Now it seems that application has been withdrawn. We can only hope that Galvan Partners has given up this bad idea.

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  1. Well,that's a relief.
    however,I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop with Galloway.
    He has a bad reputation, if he doesn't get what he wants

    when he wants it.,there is some strange retaliation.
    I fear he will now,just let the Robert Taylor House rot,vacant in place.

    And change mind on rescuing 900 Columbia.,.that is slated for demolition

    For Example:

    260 Warren& N 3rd

    "The French doors on the facade of the building

    have been an issue from the beginning.

    They are an original feature of the building

    and one of its distinguishing characteristics". .
    "Early on, Walker presented a plan that involved

    removing the original marble piers

    and thresholds and replacing them

    with new marble, explaining that

    "the owner doesn't like old things"--a remarkable statement

    to make about the man who heads up something called

    the "Hudson Preservation Group."

    The HPC followed their mandate and did not approve

    the arbitrary removal of authentic architectural fabric."......

    ......."At one point during the extended HPC review,

    Walker tried to coerce the commission by saying

    that if they wouldn't approve the plans,

    he would just leave the building--

    located at the principal gateway to Hudson's commercial district

    --in its current boarded-up state......."

    Gossips of Rivertown,Wed May 26,2010


    Has been vacant ,broken windows,half boarded up for past 6 years I've been here.)