Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mystery Solved

Gossips has been puzzling over the location of the New Curtiss House for a few days now, and this morning city historian Pat Fenoff provided the evidence that laid all the questions to rest.

It's a detail from the 1911 Sanborn map, showing the corner of South Front and Allen streets. It confirms that City Hotel was on the south corner of Allen and South Front streets, the New Curtiss House was on the north corner, possibly with its entrance on Allen Street, and the Franklin Square Hotel was at 42 South Front Street. Click on the image to enlarge it.


  1. Franklin Square - looks like a park existed there too.

  2. It was a Park.
    Franklin Square was known to me as Franklin Park in the late 50's early 60's.
    It was part of the City of Hudson's playgrounds, managed by the Dep't of Youth, cared for by the City DPW crew.
    The park itself contained a circular cement swimming pool w/ fountain (same can be found at Academy Hill Park)
    Almost all of the playground parks contained swingsets, climbing bars, basketball & volleyball areas & open areas for recreation.
    At the end of the Summer Playground Season an "olympic" style competition between the playgrounds was held at the Hudson Middle School (then the Hudson High School) Track & Field.
    Winners of events rec'd trophies, medals, ribbons. The playground with the best performance was announced at the end of the day & awarded the "Field Day Champions" flag to be flown at their playground. After the sporting events the Hudson Police Association provided a variety of foods free to all youths who attended the affair.
    During the evening & into the night there was staged entertainment & a huge fireworks display.
    Playgrounds were Franklin Park, St. Mary's, Charles Williams, Oakdale & Academy Hill.

  3. wow - playgrounds were everywhere and an intrinsic part of Hudsons Community !

    Apparently Urban Renewal decided they were of no value?
    Or valued them for their eminent domain availability?

    So now we are down to the Boys & Girls Club as what's left to conquer and destroy leaving the children the alleyways for play.

    Nice going ...

  4. Vince--The playground outside Promenade Hill was meant to take the place of the playground at Franklin Square. They even replicated the wading pool, but it hasn't been used in at least the past 20 years.

    1. This was my objection to squeezing the Senior Center
      in the now parking lot next to the Boys and Girls Club and Cherry Alley. It's the only place that could have been a green space for the kids at their Club.Historically ,it always had been a tree filled yard.I am not against having a Senior Center somewhere,but the Boys and Girls Club is already on a dangerous truck route,increased so, by the higher volume of enormous tractor trailers and semi's,now heading to all the increasing amount of new Big Box stores.So now , neither the Senior Center or the Boys and Girls
      Club will have any green space or parking.It's a terrible location for either of them.We can do better for both our seniors and children.Apparently at one time,Hudson used to.

  5. sorry I asked this before ,but no reply.
    on pg 162 Of Byrne Fone's book,
    Historic Hudson
    An Architectural Portrait
    is a photo of Martin's Bar and Grill
    It's caption is
    "An early Federal house on corner of
    South Front and Allen."
    Was 52 South Front St.,as we see it now,buried under the Martin's additions?Was that City Hotel?

  6. Kids are enjoying the swings and things at Parade (Promenade) Hill nearly all day. Miraculously it remains a playground, and doesn't seem to want to go the way of an adolescent hangout.

    Keep in mind, there probably aren't as many kids in Hudson today as in TD's day. It's not a very child-oriented town, despite the sundry services offered.

    I'd like to encourage and see more kids here.