Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hudson In 1905: Part 7

The following excerpt is from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

WILLIAM F. SAUSBIER--(Successor to M. Baier.) Manufacturer and Dealer in Portieres, Draperies, Wall Coverings, Upholstering, and Cabinet Making. Mattresses made to order. 554 State street. Phones 114-W. In the two years in which Mr. Sausbier has been proprietor of this business he has built up an exceedingly large trade and one that is an evidence in every way of the quality and value of his product and stock. The different lines of goods handled and manufactured require the occupancy of several buildings and a store, all of which are of ample dimensions to allow for the large business done. These comprise a cabinet, mattress, upholstering, and finishing shop, in all of which a number of skilled workmen are employed. A specialty of Mr. Sausbier's is the making of antique furniture to order in any style, and some of the samples of designs carried by him are models of artistic skill.

554 State Street today


  1. A great looking building - even with current changes. Hope someone can restore this sometime soon.

  2. Sausbier's still does fine work. Check out the new awning at 601 Warren Street.