Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Punitive Priorities

In Hudson, we have an unsolved murder, a rash of car burglaries, house break-ins, persistent problems with drug dealing and vandalism, and the troubling matter of unpaid parking tickets. To deal with the last of those items, there were first arrests, then towing, and now the boot--all used to wrest fines from parking scofflaws--but none of these tactics seems enough. The HPD now wants to employ a collection agency to exact fines and penalties on tickets issued between 2006 and 2008. Tom Casey has the story in today's Register-Star: "HPD may enlist help to recoup ticket fees."


  1. Just like a wedding cake - layer upon layer of sweet heart $ deals for the HPD coffers .

    1. To be fair, the money from parking ticket fines does not go directly into the HPD budget. Rather it goes into the general fund, so presumably we all benefit.

  2. To be fair - how can they fleece the 300 block with their new meters if they can't control what they already have on their plate?

    ... and the company they hire will be also gleaning a percentage !

    i'm sorry but the fines and taxes in this friendly berg is not friendly to say the least for those that live here and actually contribute to Hudsons prosperity.

  3. Maybe if i didn't live on Warren Street I'd feel differently about this cat and mouse game.

    In 2001 the HPD approved a parking space in the alley behind my building.

    In 2010 I received a ticket for parking in the alley behind my building claiming they had no record of approval for me - so pay the fine.

    Apparently no parking is allowed in the alley now - except for Verizon, the HPD and dumpsters - thank you.