Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not to Be Missed

On his blog, Sam Pratt comments on the public hearing that no one showed up for and the Register-Star article about it: "Details, details."


  1. From "Details, details": "The LWRP was a travesty of public input. One would be hard-pressed to make up a more textbook example of how to undermine public faith in public policy."

    I spoke many times with different SEQRA Analysts at the DEC. One analyst understood what had happened in Hudson, and predicted that the new gimmick that we suffered - of the planners mistakenly publishing the wrong set of alternatives in the draft study - would reappear in other SEQR reviews throughout the state. (Just in case you figured that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, our LWRP was a testing ground).

    Now we are told by the aldermen that the same Swiss giant, Holcim, for whom the public voice was disregarded in the waterfront program's SEQR review, will probably not share its private environmental study of the 7 acres.

    In other words, why should we ask them to see any of their studies if they're only going to say no?

    Meanwhile, I was told by the DEC that the council will have to acquire and submit all studies which were done on the parcel in order to comply with the brownfields grant process. The DOS will soon confirm or deny this, and then give recommendations on how to acquire Holcim's information, if any.

    But there's an underlying message we're sending by even discussing this. Admitting in advance that we won't even ask for something which concerns a parcel we're evidently aching to acquire - public comments to the contrary be damned! - is not the right way to approach a contract.

    You approach a contract with conditions and demands, even if some of those demands are throwaways, ready at hand to make the required compromises. (When JFK needed a crumb with the Soviets in 1962, he pulled US missiles out of Turkey, which we'd planned on doing anyway.)

    Instead, this council is shows its derriere first. As a result, who can possibly mistake that Holcim will be bestowing a great blessing on the city if they will only agree to release this land to us (in exchange for tax advantages, etc).

    I wish that this council would review the public's previous cautions about the parcel at long last, and not make the mistake of considering it work already accomplished by their next-to-useless predecessors.

  2. While the powers of Hudson has reinforced business as usual for Hudsons Waterfront ... Kingston is building a post and beam maritime museum on their waterfront.

    Kingston gets it along with every other Waterfront Park on the Hudson River except for ... blah blah blah

  3. Building the waterfront park buried what was left of Claverack Landing, an archaeological site of the colonial era.

    Against the state-imposed requirements of our own LWRP, we've ignorantly plowed ahead over a last remnant of our former maritime era, Furgary.

    Hudsonians themselves have barely begun to explore our maritime heritage.

    I didn't know that about Kingston. Boy are we ever lame.

    1. Unhiemlich.I have only lived in Hudson 6+ years.

      The blatant corruption is/was literally at my doorstep since I bought my House.

      .Blindly,I stepped right into it.,just by buying my house

      Scalera,DPW,Wurster-Bldg.DEpt,Crawford & Assoc,Donald Moore,

      Tom Swope,Linda Mussman,DOT,police,2nd ward Alderman,4th ward Alderman,5th ward, BOS,

      and Galloway,Galloway,that slick psychopath megalomaniac carpetbagger,

      who is shooting fish in a barrel,here,with his dangling money like a piece of meat ,

      over wild dogs, Galloway..

      I have had to go to State/Fed Agencies for help.

      As there is none for me here.
      If I could have foreseen any of this ,I would have moved on,6 years ago.

      I certainly, would have never bought a house here.

      Columbia County would need to put into receivership
      and bring an army of forensic accountants,Fed Attorneys,State Attorneys-

      to even put a dent to where money disappeared,in Hudson in the last 20 years.
      Through my immediate situations with this Cast of corruption and nepotism, ineptitude

      ,is on my doorstep,I am acutely aware of what they are all capable of in any situation.
      As Frank Lloyd Wright said
      "You don't need to drink a tub of dye to know what color it is".

      So,between family and work,it's been difficult to get to the Riverfront,Furgary,Ghent

      So, I am grateful to you are on this and

      your unvarying devotion to the South and North Bay..
      as I am to Sam Pratt for using his acute
      investigative journalistic talents

      to pay attention and following up on what's going on.
      Thank-Goodness for Gossips,

      also for sharp,insightful,coverage of what is going on around us.
      and the backbone of a small handful of Representatives,

      that have infiltrated into Common Council

      .It's a start

  4. It's always sad to see that moment when a newcomer's rosy-colored eye goo falls away to grasp for the first time how this place is really run.

    (I'm well aware that happened for you awhile back.)

    I've inadvertently just added to what you've said above under a previous Gossips post, "The Status of Charles Williams Park."