Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 9

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

E. D. & H. C. NIVER--Wholesale and Retail Grocers. 803 Warren street. In the 38 years in which this firm has been established here in this city it has always held an enviable place among the merchants of Hudson, and the patronage the house has always enjoyed has been such as to require the employment of a large force of people at all times. This firm makes a specialty of handling groceries of all kinds , both heavy and staple, and a complete line of farmers' supplies. The building occupied by them is of ample dimensions to accommodate a stock of this character, being two stories 24x101 feet in dimensions, with a large warehouse in the rear and a potato cellar 24x68. For the accommodation of their out-of-town customers they have a large shed in the rear of the store for sheltering teams. All orders receive prompt attention, and mail orders shipped the same day as received.

803 Warren Street today

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