Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Resolutions Introduced

Two resolutions worthy of note were introduced at Monday night's informal Common Council meeting. The first resolution authorized the transfer of $6,200 between accounts in the General Fund for preliminary studies--specifically a title search and a preliminary environmental review--on the seven acres of land south of the port, currently owned by Holcim. The studies are in preparation for a transfer of ownership of the seven acres to the City of Hudson. 

The second resolution authorized the sale of 545-547 State Street. It may be recalled that this house, which was seized last year for nonpayment of property taxes, was sold before. In September 2011, the house was part of a public auction. The minimum bid was set at $49,017--the amount due in back taxes. No one bid on the house. After the auction, the treasurer received an offer of $5,500 for the house. Rather than accept this ridiculously low offer, the Common Council directed the city treasurer to seek other bids and three were received--for $45,000, $25,191.99, and $9,970. In October 2011, the highest bid was accepted, and the bidder was notified and asked to contact the city attorney to schedule a closing. Eleven months later, that person has still not contacted the city attorney, so the house is now being offered to the second highest bidder for $25,101.99.

These two resolutions will be voted on when the Common Council meets again on Tuesday, September 18.

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  1. Before we pay for another, we should demand an explanation for Cheryl Roberts' claim before the Common Council in July 2010 that a preliminary environmental review already exists.

    Cheryl Roberts: "There is a former dump on the, in the South Bay, but the seven acres below the port, our understanding is, and they're saying they've done feasibility studies, the first phase or second phase done, and there's nothing there that they're aware of - on the seven acres at the waterfront."

    Audio at WGXC; at 1 hour, 48 minutes and 24 seconds: