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Hudson in 1905: Newspapers

Gossips Note: The original plan was to present the businesses featured in Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., in the order in which they appeared in the booklet, but yesterday's realization that Galvan Partners or the Galvan Initiatives Foundation now owns both the buildings346 Warren Street and 364 Warren Streetlong associated with newspapers in Hudson has inspired me to offer today, out of order, the booklet's description of the newspapers that existed in Hudson in 1905: The Republican, which was headquartered at 346 Warren Street, and The Register and The Gazette, headquartered at 364 Warren Street.

The following are excerpts from Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.  

THE HUDSON REPUBLICAN--In 1819, the Columbia Republican, a weekly, whose name has been a synonym for clean journalism for nearly a century, was first published; in 1847 the Hudson Daily Star came into existence. Nearly thirty years later, William Bryan, then owner and editor of the Columbia Republican purchased and consolidated the Daily Star with his weekly paper, and the Hudson Morning Republican dates from that year--1876. 

Mr. Bryan lived to see his ambitions gratified, and his paper take a strong hold on the community where he spend his life. Henry R. Bryan, his son, succeeded to the control of the paper upon the death of this father in 1897. In 1900, the Bryan Printing Company, of which Henry R. Bryan is President, and Albert W. Fell, Secretary and Manager, was incorporated and took possession of the plant.

The Hudson Morning Republican has been but a series of successes. In the last five years it has been enlarged four times, each enlargement necessitating more machinery and equipment, until now it has the largest and best equipped newspaper, job printing and bookbinding plant in this section. It is known among the journalistic critics of the State as the best edited, made-up and printed daily in the Hudson valley, and it is the only morning daily in the seventy-five miles between Poughkeepsie and Albany. It is the only paper in this territory with a direct wire telegraph service, delivering to an operator in its own building a nightly report of the news of the world, and its telegraph news is several hours later than that furnished by the New York morning papers which are sent to Hudson. 

Every department is thoroughly equipped with modern machinery, embracing the latest Mergenthaler Linotype plant, and fast presses; expert workmen supervise the output of trained editors, who are guided and advised by a manager of long experience; all combining to make The Republican by far the leader in eastern New York journalism.

And as with the daily, so with the older weekly, the Columbia Republican has shared the prosperity of its younger brother and is a stand-by in the country homes and a welcome visitor to the hundreds of Hudsonians who have gone out to make their way through new fields. 

The circulation records of both papers are at all times open to the inspection of advertisers, and both far exceed in circulation any other papers between Poughkeepsie and Albany. They are both prominent and powerful factors in the political, commercial and home life of the city of Hudson and Columbia County. They maintain the traditions of their founders and have taught their readers that gossip is never news, slander never worthy of space, and that a kind word, when possible, is the word to be spoken. This policy has so carefully been adhered to that no Republican needs to be expurgated before being read, and the people know that if it is not in the Republican it hasn't happened or isn't fit to print.

The Republican was published in this building: 346 Warren Street.

THE HUDSON EVENING REGISTER--(Read in over 2,000 homes nightly)--Is one of two newspapers in a city of just a few more than 10,000 population, and the only evening paper in city or county. 

Established in 1866, it has since been a member of the Associated Press, and receives the only telegraphic service in its field.

The official Democratic paper. It covers over sixty suburban towns, containing news of each from local correspondents. Complete stock market reports.

THE HUDSON WEEKLY GAZETTE--(Read in over 3,000 homes weekly)--Is a weekly edition of The Register. It is the father of The Register, and "The Grandfather of them all," having been established in 1785.

The oldest paper in Columbia County, and one of the oldest in America, it has been read in hundreds of families for more than a century.

Our special care and pride is complete county correspondence. Another is good market reports. Another superior accounts of local happenings.

The Gazette is the official county organ. Its telegraphic service, exclusive in county, enhances it, and reprinted from our daily, its has greatest reading surface.

Columns for Children, Women, Suffrage, Education and Temperance Workers are features, and we use the Talmage sermon and serial stories.

These facts are convincing to the advertiser. We ask for a trial ad, and believe you will renew.

The Register and The Gazette were published in this building: 364 Warren Street

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