Sunday, September 9, 2012

Galloway Gallery: Exhibit 30

With attention focused on the Galvan Initiatives Foundation's acquisition of the former Register-Star building, Galvan's purchase of another building just down the street slipped by unnoticed. In May 2012, Galvan Partners purchased this building, 346 Warren Street. The building was once filled with tenants, but it now appears to be unoccupied.


  1. How Interesting.
    346 Warren was the location of the former "The Daily Star", Hudson's morning newspaper.
    It was purchased & merged with 'The Register" to become "The Register-Star", unsure of exact date but believe to be late 50's early 60's.
    346 remained a printing business.

  2. Let's not forget to distinguish between the Galvan Initiatives Foundation whose only property is the 400 State St. Armory and owned by the Galvan Foundation Charitable Trust (a non-profit with a mission) and Galvan Partners LLC which owns the other 40+ "Galvan" properties, is private and to my knowledge has no stated public mission and has not explained its acquisition and development strategy to the Hudson community.

  3. Tom, It was, I think in early 50's, I should remember this, because I remember when Hudson became a one paper town taking a word from each paper to get Register Star (Hudson Daily Star & Evening Register). I had more brain cells then:)