Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More About the Robert Taylor House

Yesterday, Gossips announced that the Historic Preservation Commission's public hearing on moving the Robert Taylor House had been canceled because Galvan Partners withdrew their application for a certificate of appropriateness. Much as some may have hoped this action indicated a change of heart, it was more like a lapse of memory. Galvan Partners apparently forgot they needed a certificate of appropriateness not only to relocate the house but also to demolish the addition to 25 Union Street, which must come down if the Robert Taylor House is to fit on its proposed site.


  1. of course they didn't have a change of "heart"

    of course they demolished more of Hudsons fabric

    of course of course of course

  2. At some point do you think they will get tired of looking like they don't know what they're doing? I'm even embarassed for them now.