Monday, September 3, 2012

It Was a Real Nice Clambake . . .

Our temporary obsession with the Curtiss House--old and new--continues, with this account from the Hudson Evening Register for October 14, 1915, of the clambake held annually at the hotel.  


Many in Attendance--It Will Continue  This Evening 
Up to Midnight

An affair looked forward to by many residents of Hudson and vicinity is the annual clambake at the New Curtiss House at South Front and Allen streets, of which the popular Frank T. Langlois is the proprietor. The splendid reputation acquired by the bakes of the past is always an indication that those of the future will be even more meritorious, for Mr. Langlois aims to make each affair surpass the preceding one, if possible.

The bake at the New Curtiss house last year was partaken of by hundreds. It was deliciously prepared and served in the most efficient manner. This late afternoon the seventeenth annual bake at this well known establishment was opened. Many were present to enjoy the first pans full of clams, chicken, fish, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, and numerous other delicacies. The bake was excellently prepared and it was no fault of anyone but the diner if he or she didn't get sufficient. It seemed to be bigger and better than ever.

From 4 o'clock this afternoon the bake will be open until midnight and large crowds are expected throughout the evening. Everything has been conveniently arranged to handle the diners. Special apartments for the ladies have been arranged also. During the evening there will be music and plenty of singing.

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