Monday, September 17, 2012

Hudson on 1905: Part 21

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N. Y., published in 1905.

C. E. JOSLEN & SON--Confectionary, Tobacco, Cigars, and Snuff. 525 Warren street. Telephones: H. R. 38-D, Columbia Phone 248. For the past thirty-two years the above enterprise has been established in this city. The proprietors of the business are C. E. Joslen and Granville M. Joslen, the latter of which is the present manager. The business transacted by the firm is on both the wholesale and retail plan, the outlying country district being covered by a number of wagons that take regularly scheduled trips. About ten employees are engaged to take care of the different departments of the trade. The retail store is fitted up in the finest style, with elegant fixtures, arranged to make the prettiest display of goods. Besides the cigar and tobacco trade, Messrs. Joslen & Son also carry a large stock of fine confections, fresh every day. A beautiful soda fountain adds grace to the make-up of the store, and here the most refreshing drinks may be had in season.

525 Warren Street today--Casa Urbana


  1. Joslen's later moved to S 5th St, the present location of Accounting Offices.
    Joslen's moved once again in the 70's 0r 80's to a location in Greenport which is the present locaton of the Salvation Army Store.

  2. I so enjoy your postings. Thank you Carole.