Friday, September 21, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 25

The following is an excerpt from Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

HENRY SHELDON & CO.--Wholesale Dealers in Provisions, Tobacco, and Cigars. No. 606 Warren street. Telephones: H. R. 140-F; Columbia 70. This is one of the largest, oldest and most important enterprises in the city. It  has been established for over fifty-five years, and has all that time enjoyed the finest success. The business has steadily increased, until at the present time it gives employment to eleven men in the home store, besides two traveling on the road and two in the city. The company deal in wholesale provisions, tobacco, cigars, crackers, fancy biscuit, confectionery, eggs, butter, and cheese. They are manufacturers of the finest candies to be obtained in this section. The building of the company stands three stories high, and is always stocked with a large and well assorted supply of goods, properly kept and treated. All goods are bought at the lowest market quotations, and consequently the trade is supplied at prices the most fair. Out of town trade is especially solicited, and goods are shipped with the greatest promptness.

606 Warren Street today--Red Chair on Warren


  1. In the early 90's this place was still untouched.
    Those french windows replaced large plank cargo doors on every floor.
    Above them all a huge pole stuck out for hoisting.
    Urban Renewal had a large metal banner hung from said pole.
    The crawl space of a cellar revealed huge early brick ovens from an earlier bakery on the site.
    The interior has a large walk around opening to the second floor making it all very airy.
    Unusual interior support construction of metal rods instead of columns.

  2. correction: interior 'had' not 'has'

  3. Vince and Carole, you inspire a potential future walk-about: The Hidden Hudson

  4. if only Jeremiah would play - that would be truly inspiring

  5. Great idea, Chad.

    Vince ,maybe just ask him?
    you never know.(or maybe you do.)

    Definitely ,Gossips could write the best historic walking tour guide ever.
    It's practically already written with photographs,on all "Gossips" past blogs.
    We need to find a publisher that gives Ms.Osterink ,a nice big advance,
    to put her work all together in book form, of course,if she wanted to!
    I've said this before,
    when" Gossips" did her Jane's Walks Series of Hudson,which was just fantastic.
    This current series is really great too.
    It would really sell.
    We are getting many more tourists,
    interested in arts,architecture and history.
    At Amtrak,the book stores ,anywhere.
    My visitors are always taking my copies of Byrne Fone's
    Historic Hudson~.An Architectural Portrait,
    home with them,as it is the only real historic guide,even though it wasn't written to be a walking guide.

    A "Gossips" Walking Historic Tour Book

    in tandem with reading Byrne Fone's book.,

    would really give a great understanding of this City

    to visitors and residents alike.

    (Also the postcard availability here is very lacking .Common complaint from visitors.
    Plenty of images of old post cards,available.
    Like an old fashioned foldout postcard"Book" Could raise money for Historic Hudson.)

    Historic Hudson has wonderful tours,
    but one day,once a year.

    Making this more of an Historic Destination,could help save Hudson,from
    the circling vultures,
    better than anything,as it would bring in more MONEY
    to City,
    the only thing those who call the shots around here can relate to..

    Chad ,see what you can do!!!!