Friday, September 7, 2012

The Acquisition of Hudson

The news that it was to happen came in February. The Register-Star moved out last month. Now comes the news that the Galvan Initiatives Foundation has finally closed on its purchase of 364 Warren Street, but it's still not known what the plans for the building are. The announcement appears in today's Register-Star: "Galvan closes on 364 Warren St."



  2. I second the motion to save the trees! One of them might be an (almost) historic hanging tree. The trees provide a calming oasis on the block.

  3. Nothing like a good hangin' to calm the nerves.

  4. If the garden were fixed up, if the trees are saved, if the fountain were operational and the pond functioning (lily pond?) it could be a wonderful oasis - a mini Frick - in Hudson - maybe the building should be an art museum for Hudson Valley Art.

  5. @ Jennifer.That would be a great idea.The building is much larger than it looks.It would make a great Museum and an enclosed park for relaxing,especially for seniors.All these great thoughts and ideas give way though, immediately because Galloway is the new owner.It's a such a shame the R.S. sold it to Galloway directly ,without putting it up for sale.
    It's such a strange phenomenon,that the collective thoughts of those who care,are to go completely on the offensive with the dread of what Galloway will do to ruin yet another piece of Hudson's cultural and Architectural History.All based on his track record.
    That suddenly the Pin Oaks are truly in mortal danger,the moment Galloway took possession,but had been safe for so very many generations up to a few days ago...That HPC has no power to enforce the HPC Law.There is no recourse The the fix is in with Cheryl Roberts the lawyer Ex Mayor now Scalera BOS 5th and GalVan board member and advisor,Wurster,4th ward Supe.Hughes,where the R.S. located and that 4th &2nd&5th ward CC will vote the way of Hughes ,which is Galloway.Swope is ...i do not really get what he is doing...Wasn't he just chair of the Historic
    Preservation Commission,right til the day he started being GaLvan's director?
    The Public is given no assurances,no information.GalVan has no sense of Public Relations,or doesn't see the need for it.Just throw a measly amount of grants around,as hush money These are important Historical Buildings on the line that Gallloway owns.The citizens have laws that are supposed to protect them.But they don't enforce the Law in Hudson.
    So then everyone sits on the edge of thier seat,awaiting the fate Galloway will impose on this Landmark.There are no laws in Hudson protecting trees,and cutting them down is usually the first thing Galloway does with his latest acquisitions.
    The fear of waking up to find the old Pin Oaks are gone,and R.Perry at DPW saying,Wurster and Crawford & Assoc. and Ward Hamilton said the roots were stopping up the City drains,so we had to cut em down....or some such excuse,just because it would be the most upsetting to those who obstruct him the most.
    This is the kind of crap I've seen go on here ,since I moved here.Every project Scalera or Galloway does,there is this a feeling of mean spiritedness that is palatable.
    Galloway is whom Columbia County is ready to give the OK to build a Homeless SRO shelter in one of our Hudson neighborhoods, a block from our Park,that will end up costing us millions for decades to come?
    We cannot even trust Galloway to do the right thing ,for some historic trees,that because of his ck book,are now his Personal possessions.