Thursday, July 30, 2020

COVID-19 Update

The Columbia County Department of Health has released its numbers for today. Since yesterday, there have been two new cases of COVID-19 and one more recovery, increasing the number of active cases in the county by one, to 14. The number of county residents now in mandatory quarantine has increased by 38, to 109. The number of people in precautionary quarantine has decreased by one. The number of people hospitalized with the virus remains the same as it was yesterday, and there have been no more deaths.
As of 3:00 p.m on July 30, 2020:
  • Columbia County has had 37 residents that have passed away from COVID-19.
  • Columbia County has 486 confirmed positive cases.
  • There are 14 active cases of COVID-19 in Columbia County. We are monitoring 109 county residents on mandatory quarantine, and there are 11 on precautionary quarantine.
  • 435 of the 486 cases have recovered from COVID-19
  • 3 of the positive cases are hospitalized, none of those hospitalized are in the ICU
  • We have received 17,932 PCR reports. Please note this number may represent duplicate reports, out of county reports, and multiple nursing home testings.


  1. Mandatory quarantine has taken a big jump up.
    I wonder is this people visiting or is it because of contact tracing?

    1. The report from CCDOH makes it clear that those in mandatory quarantine are county residents not visitors. A few days ago there was an alert appended to the daily numbers that people with symptoms were going to work, potentially exposing other people. I think the jump in the number of people now in mandatory quarantine is a consequence of that kind of behavior, but, of course, contact tracing is identifying those people.

  2. Picture this: It is 7:00 on Thursday night, and you are standing across the street from Baba Louie's waiting for your order. Three volunteer firemen without masks are sitting side by side in front of a fire truck. A car with Texas license plates and four people inside pulls up in front of the firehouse. A fireman walks up to the driver, and they chat face to face for several minutes. No one is wearing a mask. Then, a car with Pennsylvania license plates pulls up. The driver gets out and mingles with other people waiting in front of the restaurant. He has pulled down his mask. With this kind of casual behavior, the virus will proliferate.

    1. Not at all surprised by what you saw. There is a certain dysfunction at city hall, where rules and respect in general are an afterthought, or not a thought at all. I used to laugh and shake my head when walking by that firehouse to see volunteers hanging out in the front by the sidewalk, some smoking cigarettes. There is a certain selfish attitude coming from the Hudson fire dept, and other departments,that is really troubling. B Huston

    2. I agree with you Radio Row, I picked up my pizza a few seconds after you did. I assume that you were the person in the red T-shirt waiting across the street? I too was shocked by the behavior of those in front of the fire station, no masks, no social distancing, while patrons of Baba Louie’s were doing their best to abide by the COVid safety measures outside. I would think that firemen would be concerned about public safety but that was clearly not the case. Meanwhile the local parking checker who boasts that no one can make him wear a mask was right, because apparently his supervisors do not care enough to make him wear a mask. I also see mail carriers who do not wear gloves or masks. Ugh.

  3. Thank you all for the details. I will be sure to avoid Warren St businesses. You'd think every shop struggling to survive would be voicing complaints about this behavior. I'll tell you right now, it's NOT good for business.
    There is an anonymous number to call about such behavior. I know, who wants to tattle? But! There's 1 rare restaurant and hotel in the valley that takes temperature checks on everyone wanting to enter. That's the only kind of business I would patronize. This is the last opportunity to salvage the season, and they're blowing it. Before you know it, it will be too chilly to eat outside. If they're not reassuring potential patrons, well, sorry.