Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Drought Watch

It should come as no surprise to anyone, but Columbia County and much of the rest of the state is now in an official state of "drought watch."

A press release on the subject states:
A "watch" is the first of four levels of state drought advisories ("watch," "warning," "emergency," and "disaster.") There are no statewide mandatory water use restrictions in place under a drought watch or warning, but citizens are strongly encouraged to voluntarily conserve water. Local public water suppliers may impose water use restrictions depending upon local needs and conditions.
Although weather reports keep mentioning rain, there has been done to speak of, and there is now no rain in the forecast until Thursday.


  1. Too much carbon in the skies
    Keep it up and our planet dies
    Too much carbon in the air
    No way out, why even care?
    Drive drive drive and drive some more
    3 parts per million, but who's keeping score?

  2. The Summer Streets program offers a great opportunity for local residents to leave their cars at home and to ride bicycles under safe conditions. Alas, bicycles are still few and far between.

  3. Does the City still have it's extra reservoir on Newman Road or did that get sold? I can't remember. I've been wondering when a drought would be declared.

  4. Columbiaville had 2 1/2 inches of rain in July down from almost 4 inches in 2019 - same in June. But no drought here yet; summer enui.