Thursday, March 1, 2012

Assessment News

Coincidence brought Gossips to the City of Hudson website to check who were listed as members of the Board of Assessment Review. At the moment, just two members are listed: Phil Forman and Dale Stewart. Apparently, longtime member of the BAR Tom Swope, now executive director of the Galvan Initiatives Foundation, has appropriately resigned. There is a notice on the Home Page, posted on February 28, of a vacancy on the BAR, requesting those interested in serving on the BAR to deliver a letter of interest to Mayor William Hallenbeck by March 7. There will actually be two vacancies, since Stewart, who is not currently living in Hudson, told Gossips that she had submitted her resignation this morning.   


  1. 'bout time. Can't think of any conflict-of-interest so blatant and so prejudicial as that one.

  2. Does this mean Tom is no longer involved with assessments on the BAR AND historical architectural decisions on the HPC ?